Making Progress on the FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE

 In 3. Linda Peters-Getchell, Of Interest

Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell

Just thinking about my last blog entry, CREATING A FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE.

Did you think about it? Hey, did you do anything about it?

I hope you took it to heart and began teaching your staff how important it is to make your guests feel important, valued and a place where they FEEL GOOD.

It is a win-win situation for your staff and your guests as well as your bottom line. When you find serving an honor, it makes you feel so good about what you do and how you touch people. For servers it has more impact than that — it increases their income.

For the restaurant guest who is the recipient of all that special care, what a gift. They go so many places where they are made to feel invisible, an inconvenience, stressed. Imagine how they FEEL when they are honored, respected, cherished, acknowledged and enjoy a good meal as well.

When a customer feels valued, like they matter, cared about, they love to return and they develop a sense of loyalty. They bring you more business and more referrals.

So all this CREATING A FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE for your guests creates a better bottom line for you, happier employees and loyal customers. Guess it CREATES A FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE for everyone, doesn’t it?

So if you didn’t take me seriously on my last entry, might you consider the value of teaching your staff how to CREATE THAT FEEL GOOD EXPERIENCE for each and every guest?

Linda Peters-Getchell has 20 years in restaurant management and food and beverage customer service. She has owned her own restaurant and catering service, developed unique training programs and won two Key Player Awards for her customer service programs at Showboat Casino Hotel. She is currently a powerful creative force for restaurant expert David Scott Peters and his company, Smile Button Enterprises, serving as Fairy Godmother.

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