Make ‘Em Feel Good

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Authored by Linda Peters-Getchell

What impacts us the most?

Think about it, because it is very powerful!

Do you think you have it?

It is how we feel that impacts us the most!

When it comes to investing our money, buying a product or choosing a restaurant, we will make our choices based on our feelings.

It is this very reason we need to teach this to our employees and teach them all the ways they can create great feelings for our customers. I don’t care how good your food is, or how beautiful your restaurant might be, if your customers don’t have a FEEL-GOOD EXPERIENCE while they are there, they will not be back.

There was a little hole-in-the-wall breakfast/lunch place in Ventnor, N.J., that had people waiting in line to get in, and they went more than once a week. They were greeted with smiles, Delores got to know names very quickly and called them by name, asked about the kids, the new job, had a stack of newspapers as folks came in the door in the morning. Service was quick, friendly and everyone was made to feel very important and a part of a little family unit.

Chez Paul, the first restaurant I ever worked in, I frequented on Friday and Saturday nights as did many locals in the neighboring communities. It was the place to be, charming, food was good, the experience was warm, welcoming, and created a sense of belonging. The owner visited tables, and got to know most of our customers. They wanted to be there.

In these times we need to embrace our customers and cherish them. What are you doing to create GREAT FEELINGS for your customers?

Linda Peters-Getchell has 20 years in restaurant management and food and beverage customer service. She has owned her own restaurant and catering service, developed unique training programs and won two Key Player Awards for her customer service programs at Showboat Casino Hotel. She is currently a powerful creative force for restaurant expert David Scott Peters and his company, Smile Button Enterprises, serving as Fairy Godmother.

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