A Good Restaurant Manager Has Big Impact

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By David Scott Peters

Restaurant Tip of the Week

Hire a Good Manager to Improve Business

Think hiring a good manager isn’t that important? Just take a look at what a manager with good interpersonal/communication skills can do for your restaurant, and consider it before you decline a raise or higher the guy willing to take less money:

  1. Build a climate of trust and respect in which communication is encouraged and messages are communicated with respect.
  2. Express clearly what needs to be done, using language that employees can understand, resulting in things actually getting done.

Build a positive work climate where employees can and will work productively. A climate where they can do their best work and achieve their highest potential in their jobs.

A good manager is worth the investment for your restaurant.

If you’re looking for something to keep your managers working for you and motivated, or if they’ve been after you for a good bonus program, I’ve got the perfect tool for you. It’s the “How to Structure a Restaurant Bonus Program,” which provides you with all you need to create a bonus program that rewards your management team, but doesn’t rob you of your profits. Check it out here.

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