Save the Date for this Restaurant Workshop

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It’s New Year’s Resolution time. This year, did you make some of the resolutions common to independent restaurant owners?

          • A promise to get your life back and work fewer hours?
          • How about to finally tackle the to-do list for your restaurant?
          • What about to put together that marketing plan?
          • How about to establish a bonus program that motivates your managers?

Do you want to know how you can accomplish these things and more in 2011?

Attend my 4-day workshop for independent restaurant owners. I’ll teach you how to implement operational systems in your restaurant that will help you work fewer hours, empower your managers, decrease costs and increase sales.

“How to Run a Profitable Restaurant: from Soup to Nuts”


Save the date. Better yet, register now! This could be the workshop that changes your restaurant forever!

To register today, visit

Speicial Note #1: Register before February 18 to save $1,000 off the price of registration. I guarantee you’ll save way more than that using the systems I’ll teach you at the workshop.

Special Note #2: If you’re a member or have been to the workshop before, check out your special pricing options.

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