How to Generate Business for Your Restaurant FAST – Part 2

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Marketing, Public Relations

By David Scott Peters

As I said in “How to Generate Business for Your Restaurant FAST – Part 1”, one of the best ways to generate business for your restaurant is to get our there. Here is another restaurant marketing idea to generate business for your restaurant fast.

Best Thing Around Handout


  • Create awareness
  • Generate trial
  • Increase group sales or frequency of visit
  • Spawn community goodwill

Basic Idea: This handout will include a free item, appetizer or dessert on your menu and talk about how it’s the best thing around. Feature an item that you want to be known for and that you do extremely well.

These handouts can be handed out to receptionists as well as office managers for local area businesses or out on a busy street corner. Customize the best thing around handout with your store address, hours, phone, fax number and artwork. Don’t forget to add expiration dates and any exclusions. And before you go giving away your highest-priced menu item, make sure you aren’t couponing yourself out of business with this one.

How to Implement: Anytime is a great time to create awareness. You will need to pay for customizing and printing any artwork.

Check back soon for How to Generate Business for Your Restaurant FAST – Part 3.

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