Two simple tools that lower restaurant food costs

 In 1. David Scott Peters, budget, Food Costs, Menu, SMART Systems, The Numbers

Food costs are on the rise and restaurant profit margins are taking hits.

While there is a laundry list of systems you can use to reduce your food cost — such as attacking your descending dollar report, signing up for a prime vendor agreement, completing recipe costing cards, analyzing your sales mix, reducing portion sizes, engineering your menu for greater profitability, raising prices, using the purchase allotment system, using purchase order forms, using prep forms, attacking your inventory turns, just for example — there are two simple systems you can put into place tomorrow to start saving.


They are the key item report and the waste sheet. Together they’re a quick and powerful one-two punch to controlling food costs.

In upcoming blog posts, I’ll tell you more about the key item report and the waste sheet and how to work with them. Stay tuned.

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