Top 3 Tips for How to Run a Restaurant

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Are you looking for that recipe for success for how to run a restaurant? Here are the top 3 tips for not only how to run a restaurant, but how to run a profitable and fun restaurant.

No. 1 Tip for How to Run a Restaurant

You need to have a clear vision. When you opened your restaurant, you had a dream and passion. You went out and executed it. And here you are! But you wouldn’t be in the restaurant business if you didn’t occasionally let the idiots get to you. The idiots are bad customers or flaky employees or greedy food distributors. But they are part of the business, and you can tolerate them if you have your vision and can find your passion. What did you always dream of? What did you want to achieve financially? What does success look like? (Hint: this involves budgets and core values.)

No. 2 Tip for How to Run a Restaurant

You need to lead your team. Your job is to market, budget, coach your team to success. Your job as the restaurant owner is not to flip burgers and run the expo position. Your job is to work ON the business, not IN it. Don’t let your employees tell you how it’s going to go. Lead them! Here is some information on company culture to help.

No. 3 Tip for How to Run a Restaurant

You have to use systems. These allow you to impose your will without being there. You can’t be the one who does it all or you’re a prisoner to your business. Systems for cash controls, inventory, labor, etc. – everything – allow you to lead and follow your vision.

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