Restaurant Myths and Facts

 In 1. David Scott Peters, workshop

Myth or fact?

Family-run businesses should have an organizational chart.


In a family-owned restaurant there are official roles and job duties. But oftentimes there are also unofficial roles that people take on because the job wouldn’t get done otherwise. But these roles go unrecognized and lead to feelings of resentment. Or things fall through the cracks because someone isn’t officially assigned to the role and associated duties. Use an organizational chart to clearly outline who is responsible for what. Assign them even if there are only two of you and 12 different jobs that need to be done.

If you’re a family-owned restaurant or having trouble with the relationships in your business, attend my two-day restaurant seminar Nov. 8-9 in Last Vegas. It’s only $347 for two people. I’ll teach you how to create your core values and a mission so that everyone is on the same page and headed for the same goal. I’ll teach you how to establish roles and assign duties, then I’ll teach you how to hold everyone accountable. Your efforts will not only result in more profits for your restaurant, but ease the stress in your life and your relationships in and out of the restaurant.

David Scott Peters is a restaurant expert, coach, trainer and speaker, specializing in teaching independent restaurant owners how to use systems for increased sales and increased profits. He is the nationally acclaimed restaurant coach whose unique “SMART Systems” approach to boosting profits has earned him the title of, “The man who can walk into any restaurant in America and find $10,000 in undiscovered cash before he hits the back door – Guaranteed!” Visit for more. Learn more tips, tricks and secrets in David’s free five-part e-course, “How to Explode Your Restaurant Profits NOW!” Simply sign up to receive the e-course at

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