New Restaurant Employee Scheduling App

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Restaurant Employee Scheduling App

Puts Scheduling at Employees’ Fingertips

(June 13, 2017 – Phoenix, Ariz.) A successful restaurant operation depends on reliable employees and effective managers. Connect the two with open and easy communication and it is a restaurant where everyone wants to work. That’s why we developed a new mobile application for restaurant owners, managers and employees. The new app, SMART Shift, works in tandem with online restaurant management software, Restaurant Systems Pro, to extend the reach of the program’s labor systems. SMART Shift is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for restaurants currently running Restaurant Systems Pro.

The goal of the restaurant employee schedulingapp is to make managing restaurant labor more efficient and effective. Restaurant owners and managers can use it to quickly and easily communicate with restaurant team members about schedule changes, available shifts and other immediate communications. The app allows owners and managers to review the restaurant’s labor numbers, check schedules and send texts to team members. Team members can exchange, pick up or give up shifts on the app and a manager can approve these actions via the app.

“Employees today use mobile apps in the workplace to help them manage their commitments and restaurant employees are no exception,” said David Scott Peters, founder, “This new app gives restaurant owners and managers an edge in recruiting and retaining employees, especially in today’s low unemployment climate where it’s difficult to find new employees. Being able to offer a mobile tool that allows employees to make schedule requests, switch shifts with fellow employees and be reminded of upcoming shifts is an advantage many restaurants can’t offer. As a bonus it also makes the restaurant run smoother because employees are actually showing up!”

Restaurant owners already operating Restaurant Systems Pro in their restaurants can visit the App Store or Google Play store to purchase and download SMART Shift. It is available for free.

About Restaurant Systems Pro

Restaurant Systems Pro, an online restaurant management software, was developed from the ground up for independent restaurants by, a restaurant training and coaching company.

A restaurant is one of the most difficult businesses to run, but it can be rewarding and profitable if you apply the right systems in your operations.

That is what we provide you – the right systems.  Schedule a demo today



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