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Are you asking yourself why you can’t seem to make more money in the restaurant business? Did you always want to run a restaurant and make great food to create great experiences and memories for people, yet you’re not making money? Watch this video to learn 7 steps you can take to turn your restaurant into a money-making machine.

Running a restaurant can be painful, I know! You have a lot of work to take care of – touching tables, training servers, making sure the kitchen is getting the food out, ordering and inventory. PLUS you have people to manager – employees and guests. Between jail and emotional breakdowns, there’s always an employee crisis. And then the guests and their self-professed expertise as food critics with online broadcast abilities!

Even with all of these obstacles, if you love the business, I can help you make more money.

7 Steps to Make More Money :

1. You have to have a budget – if you don’t have a budget, how do you plan to be profitable? How do you know what systems to put in place to help you reach your goals? Budgets help you do all of this.
2. With the purchase allotment system, you can give your chef or kitchen manager the ability to order what you need without giving up control of your checkbook. Save money and reduce waste.
3. Key Item Report – it’s a simple clipboard system.
4. Waste Sheet – another simple clipboard system that helps you reduce waste and identify theft.
5. A descending dollar report helps you identify ways to save on the bulk purchases you make. It can find you up to a few percentage points on your bottom line.
6. Labor Allotment System helps you adjust your labor schedule to afford the labor you need to meet the sales you project.
7. Put Training Systems in place to retain employees, reduce turnover costs and keep customers happy.

These are 7 simple ways to make more money in restaurant business. Check out the video playlists on this channel to find videos describing each of these seven systems in more details. Learn how to implement each of them to make more money in your restaurant. You can call us to schedule a free coaching session at 1-877-45-SMART (457-6278).

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