Ask David Scott Peters has just been launched!

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Of Interest

Just a few hours ago I launched a new website:

This is very exciting for me. While it may change from time to time, for now its main purpose in life is to find out what keeps you, the independent restaurant owner, up at night.

Why is this important to me? With this information in hand I can develop Teleseminars, Products and Workshops that fix your problems, make your restaurant more profitable, have you working less, put your restaurant on auto-pilot and have your reaching your dreams.

Basically, I will be more able to give you the tools that are important to you, not me.

If you didn’t get the email directing you to this new site, it’s never too late. You can go to: right now!

And if take less than two minutes of your time to give me your input on that page, I will give you instant access to a Teleseminar I gave earlier in 2005 – “10 SMART Systems to Reducing Profit Robbing Theft.” That’s a $97 value, just to say thank you.

I hope you’ll take the time to visit, but most importantly, take the time to give me your input.

Remember to keep smiling.

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