Kid Friendly Restaurant Idea

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Marketing, Operations

Do you want to know how couple with young kids chooses a restaurant?

Well, being a married man with two children under the age of 6 years old I can tell you from real life experience. In fact what got me to write you this little note is it had everything to do with where we are going to dinner with the grandparents in about 15 minutes.

The answer is simple…a restaurant where we can get our food quickly (small children don’t do well if they have to wait more than 15 minutes for thier food) and where they are kid friendly.

What is kid friendly? Well that’s different for every parent. But for us, it’s a restaurant that has activities for the kids and a server staff that treats them like people too.

Tonight we are going to a restaurant called NYPD Pizza. Not your everyday pizza place…thier a pretty good italian restaurant too. But the biggest reason we go there, and often, is they have white tile walls at the end of the bar next to the restroom. They are tiled from floor to ceiling. And the servers give my kids dry erase markers to color on the walls.

They have a blast! And Sue and I get a little break. :icon_lol:

So think about how you can welcome families and I’m sure your sales will go up.

Remember to keep smiling.

PS – Kids eat free with the purchase of an entree. That helps too. :icon_confused:

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