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I goofed! I printed too many November Issues of the The SMART Systems’ Insider Newsletter.

So, if you’re not already a Member, I’m hoping you’ll take one of my hands.

Here’s the deal: If you’ll take me up on my already incredible three month trial of my Insider Circle Membership for only a buck…I’ll throw in the extra November Issue in with December’s.

I’ll do this for the next 20 people who sign up! So hurry! It’s first come, first serve. And this bonus issue is not being offered to the general public. It’s only being offered to people on my list.



If you’re not currently on my list…all you have to do is click on the FREE REPORT box on the right hand side of my blog just under the calendar and opt-in by requesting my FREE REPORT – “13 Steps to Writing a Fool-Proof Schedule.” It’s a must have anyway.

Remember to keep smiling.

PS – Here’s what’s inside this months’ issue…

* SPECIAL REPORT – What is Your Restaurant Worth? And Why Should You Care
* The Creative Juice Machine
* To Mitigate Crises, Be Prepared (Part II of a 4 Part Series)
* Smart Decisions for Smart Managers
* $10 Note Gets a New Look
* Plus, several tools that your restaurant can use to avoid taking counterfeit money.

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