Are You a Crazy Maker in Your Restaurant?

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I recently developed a matrix to help me work more efficiently with my members and workshop attendees. I call it the Restaurant Owner Matrix.

It is a compilation of nearly a decade of my work with hundreds of independent restaurant owners and managers. It looks at who you are as a restaurant owner or manager, how you communicate and lead your team and how you work in your restaurant. It’s a window into who you are and how to use learned behaviors to compliment your personality, allowing you to get more out of your team and make more money in your restaurant.

How the Restaurant Owner Matrix works

The Restaurant Owner Matrix has an X (situational) and Y (behavioral) axis.

The X axis represents how much an owner manages their business based on systems and accountability. Think about this axis as representing learned behaviors and tasks, or actions you take when running your business.

The Y axis represents how much an owner manages based on their people, their needs and training. Think about this axis as representing who you are and how you communicate. This is more about your personality and communication style.

The more you rely on systems and hold people accountable for those systems, the higher you place yourself on the Y axis. The more you communicate, train and care about your people, the farther you fall to the right on the matrix.

The more learned systems and behaviors an owner has in place to manage by the numbers and the better they are at communicating, the better operator they are, falling into the Head Coach quadrant. The Head Coach quadrant is where we all want to fall on the matrix, as a person who is a systems-driven decision maker who leads people. That just sounds good, doesn’t it?

The complete opposite is the Crazy Maker, the emotion-driven decision maker who runs their business without systems and doesn’t communicate well with their team, often playing the role of a victim trapped in their business.

Now it is very important to understand that we tend to “hang out” in our comfort zones, especially in times of stress or crisis. That means we can move around in any quadrant as we learn how to effectively use communication and systems as our tools. Again, our goal is to ultimately become a Head Coach.

Once you know who you are, the easier it will be to change your behaviors and realize how systems WILL help you become a better leader.

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