Who’s Watching Your Restaurant When You’re Not There?

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Who’s Watching Your Restaurant When You’re Not There?

My goal when I started my Restaurant Coaching Business was to provide you, the Independent Restaurant Owner, the tools and systems you need to increase your profits, increase your sales by
creating repeat customers
and make your restaurant operate flawlessly with out you having to be there.

Do you ever have that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you shouldn’t have left the restaurant? Have you ever had a regular customer tell you “it’s just not the same when your not there” or that “your restaurant doesn’t run smoothly when your gone?”

If you answered that question with “no,” who are you kidding?

Those things happen to even the best operators.

What can you do to help you feel more comfortable leaving your restaurant and almost eliminate those kinds of comments? Well let me tell you…

It is not too often I’m willing to put my name behind a product or service. So this is big when I tell you this is something you need and who you should use!

For years now, I’ve talked about the importance of using a Secret Shopper service in your restaurant, someone who can give an objective opinion and feedback regarding your food, service, cleanliness and more. The problem is there are hundreds of fly by night services out there that know how to charge you, but can’t deliver any reporting that means anything to you.

Restaurant Secret Shopping Service

Two years ago when I was speaking at Rory Fatt’s Restaurant Marketing Boot Camp, I met Darren Denington. His company is Service With Style. I immediately took a liking to him and his company. Since that time he donated his time to do an Expert Interview for my members and many, and I mean many of my members have started using his services. So far everyone who has used his services has been more than happy.

He goes out of his way to make sure that when he selects a new shopper that they are abundantly qualified and then doesn’t let them get started until they have gone through and successfully completed their rigorous training program.

And since meeting him, he has made some incredible improvements to how he delivers his reports. You can now access your reports and stats on-line from any computer with an internet connection. For anyone running a restaurant, often getting positive or negative feedback quickly is very important!

On top of that, Service With Style operates internationally. Their reports are the most detailed I’ve ever seen.

Now hold on to your seat, I worked out a deal with Darren personally that they are prepared to offer you, my subscriber, your first observation free if you sign up for a monthly program with them! That’s pretty cool.

To take advantage of this incredible offer click on this link to download a PDF with all of the details. Please check it out. Secret shopping is a great tool to evaluate your guest experience because we all know the guest perspective is reality.Look, you’ve got nothing to loose…except that sick feeling and negative guest comments. What are you waiting for?Remember to keep smiling,

David Scott Peters

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