The Power of One Small Step…

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The Power of One Small Step.

I want to get you moving. I want you to find more money in your restaurant. I want you to make more money on the sales you’re already doing.

Often it seems the process of running a more profitable restaurant and implementing systems can feel overwhelming. And its that feeling that can stop us dead in our tracks from making any change. I want to show you the power of taking small steps.

Since coming back from my last workshop literally one month ago (Running a Profitable Restaurant: From Soup to Nuts) these four members took a few small steps and are achieved huge results:

1) A Coaching Circle Member implemented a labor budgeting system from the workshop. He was able to reduce the number of man hours needed to handle the same volume of sales. Here are his results…last year for the same week he scheduled 566 labor hours in this department alone. After implementing the labor system he scheduled 293 man hours. That’s 273 fewer hours to handle the same volume in sales! He is projected to save over $1,400 a week!

2) Another Coaching Circle Member was running a pour cost of 26%. He implemented a few of my bar control systems and quickly reduce his pour cost by 7 percentage points. His pour cost is now only 19% and he projecting a savings of over $2,000 a month!

3) A Insider Circle Plus Member sent two managers to the workshop. They came back with a lot to do. They started with a few small things behind the bar to get started. Already running a great over-all pour cost percentage of 15%, they’re on pace to save over $1,000 a month!

4) An Elite Member has a long list of high profit targets. But she knew that she needed to start somewhere. So she immediately implemented systems to reduce her inventory. When she got back from the workshop her inventory was $10,466. After implementing a few controls, she was able to bring it down to $6,765. That’s right, she was able to turn product on her shelves back into $3,701 in cold hard cash in her bank account to pay herself, payroll or other bills!

What does this all have to do with you? I want you to pick one system to put into place in your restaurant operation that can save you money right now. I then want you to make a commitment that everyday you will do one thing toward achieving that goal…just one thing. By doing that you will get results!

As an ancient Chinese Proverb says, “A journey of one thousand miles begins with one single step.”

As you achieve your goals, I want you to share your story with me so I can share it with everyone else. Together we can make a difference in your bottom-line.

Remember to keep smiling,
David Scott Peters

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