Selling more wine! A brilliant idea.

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Selling more wine! A brilliant idea.

You may have noticed I didn’t make a Blog entry last week. Well I was in Myrtle Beach, SC for a few days, so my schedule just didn’t allow me enough time to get it done. Sorry about that.

But while I was there I found a brilliant idea that is absolutely positively going to help you sell more wine in your restaurant.

Last Saturday night nine of us went out for a very nice dinner at Thoroughbreds Chophouse & Seafood Grille at 9706 N. King’s Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 – P:843-497-2636 (Just in case you find yourself in town and want a really well done dining experience).

While the food was good and our server was great, this next idea was fantastic!

Several of us at the table enjoy wine. But instead of purchasing wine by the bottle, we found ourselves ordering SPLITS. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Split is, it is when you are buying a selection of three or more wines by the glass. For example, you might get a Pinot Noir split with three different Pinots.

First of all if you have a nice wine list, this is a great way to increase your wine sales. Because you’re getting someone to spend more to be able to try different wines. It’s also a good idea because your guest may find a new wine they just love and it may drive them back into your restaurant sooner to have it again.

But here’s something I’ve never seen done before (I’m sure there are others doing it however). When my three wines were delivered by the glass, they had a paper circle attached to the stem of the wine glass.

Wine Splits

Each circle had the name of the wine that was poured into that glass. Sure this doesn’t seem like rocket science, but I’ve got to tell you that it created a buzz at our table. This was a pretty big deal considering I was sitting with a couple of wine geeks and one who is very much a world traveler.

Why did it create a buzz? All to often you might order a Split and as it is delivered your server tells you what is in each glass. Unless you have an impeccable memory, you have to ask to see a wine list again to remember what you ordered and to make note of what you enjoyed.

Problem solved!

Our table had one more suggestion. While Thoroughbreds had already WOWed us, we felt like they could have taken just one more step and added the year to the rings.

As any fledgling wine geek knows, the year a wine was born, if you will, may have a huge impact on complexity of a certain wine.

If you want to sell more wine, stand out from all the other restaurants and create repeat business…this is an idea you just have to implement.

Owner, Tony Bennett has created WOW in his restaurant. You need to, too.

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