Great Service is the Key to Competing with the Chain Restaurants

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Employees, Operations

Great Service is the Key to Competing with the Chain Restaurants.

My wife Susan and I are always looking for Independent Restaurants to patronize. That is a real challenge for us because we live so close to a Shopping Mall and well over 100 Chain Restaurants within a 5 mile radius of our home.

Recently we were on a rare date-night, without the kids. We went to a movie and then to our favorite Independent Italian Restaurant. The food there is fantastic! The problem has been consistently that their service stinks! And I mean consistently. So much so we’ve probably made our last visit there.

If you want to compete with the Chains, you have to have “Great Service!”

For those members who have access to my monthly Mastermind Group Coaching Calls, next week I will be covering this very same topic. I will be talking about what the Chains do so well when it comes to service, such as assigned sections, tray service, sales people vs. order takers and training. I will be giving the tools to compete on the same level. That coupled with YOUR great food…you’ll be kicking their butts up and down the road.

Remember to keep smiling,

David Scott Peters

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