Restaurant Owners Need a Success Coach Too!

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Of Interest

Dear Friend and Member,

January 2006 is quickly coming and I’ve been thinking about the New Year and all that I want to accomplish in next year. I even spent almost three hours yesterday going over my goals and implementation strategies with a good friend and Success Coach Jenn Kaye. I found it an incredible experience, as I always do when I get to review what I have already accomplished and get revved up about taking my business and my members’ restaurants to the next level!

You should be writing down what you’ve accomplished in 2005 and plan out your success strategies for 2006. Know I practice what I preach…I follow the Mastermind Principle that Napoleon Hill taught us; surround yourself with like minded people who keep a fire lit under you and have different skill sets. It’s a key to your success.

And as I spend the time, energy and financial resources to use this incredible benefit, so don’t many of my members at all different levels. My Insider Circle Members with the newsletter and expert interviews. My Insider Circle, Plus members with the same benefits, plus taking part in my monthly Mastermind Group Coaching Calls and call-in dates. And my Next Level Members, Mastermind and Elite, who really want success in their restaurants who take full advantage of every resource and contact I have at my disposal. (In fact my Elite Members are flying from all over the country to Scottsdale, AZ in a couple of weeks to really find success in 2006 as a group).

You too need to have a Mastermind Team. You need a Restaurant Success Coach and a group of restaurant owners who can help you reach your dreams and most importantly increase your bank account! I ask you to follow my lead and plan for success. Join a Mastermind Group. Start today.

And if you have any coaching time available to you with me, schedule your time slot now! Your success is depending on it.

Remember to keep smiling,

Your Restaurant Success Coach – David Scott Peters.

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