Restaurant expert hosts semi-annual workshop

 In Of Interest, Operations

This week David Scott Peters, restaurant expert, coach, trainer and speaker, is facilitating his semi-annual workshop in Las Vegas.

He’s teaching independent restaurant owners the ins and outs of implementing systems in their restaurant to become more successful and profitable than they ever dreamed possible. And along with systems for success and profitability, he’s teaching attendees how to work less so that life can be enjoyed. Think of the benefits you could reap if you took an actual vacation!

The workshop, How to Run a Profitable Restaurant: from Soup to Nuts, tends to be life changing for most attendees. It’s also highly motivating, driving restauarnt owners to find ways to implement systems to achieve lower food costs, lower pour costs, lower labor costs and increase their sales dollars.

David will spend this week expanding the minds, expectations and abilities of the attendees of his workshop. Help for some couldn’t come at a better time. Consider this story by Nation’s Restaurant News (you may have to register to read the story; registration is free).

What can you do in your restaurant today to sustain your business amidst these dire predictions? Not sure? Contact David today to find out how his SMART Systems can help you.

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