Why Company Culture Matters

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Company culture matters. Why? Company culture has a pretty big role in determining your success.

If you want to make money like the chain restaurants make, then our systems are necessary. But the real key to having success with systems is establishing a company culture that thrives on systems. And your leadership is essential to whether you’re successful with systems or not.

Anyone can put up a clipboard system to monitor waste in the restaurant, but only a restaurant that has evolved its culture to make sure that waste sheet is used and analyzed will be successful with systems.

Leading your team and changing your company culture is the way that you’ll be successful with systems. It’s really easy setting up a set of systems in a restaurant.You can put up a couple of really simple systems, such as a waste sheet or order receiving procedures, but if you don’t follow up to make sure they’re being used, the systems are useless.

This is why company culture matters. If a restaurant owner doesn’t make it a part of the procedures, processes and culture to adhere to the systems in the restaurant, they won’t be used. And the systems will fail.

If you follow implementing systems, I can guarantee something bad is going to happen: you’ll lose the people you thought were your best employees because they don’t want anything to change. They’re so afraid of having to do things a different way that they let their fear get in the way of your restaurant’s success.

But something really great will happen, too. The people who like structure and who weren’t always your best employees, they’ll step up and do great work. And new employees that come on board? When you tell them systems are how things are done, they’ll smile and say, OK! Because that is the culture you’ve created.

That’s why company culture is so important. You want a positive environment where people know what their jobs are, how to do them and how well you want it all done.

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