Your Responsibility as a Restaurant Owner

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What is your responsibility as a restaurant owner? You have a responsibility to yourself, your family, your community and your employees to run a profitable restaurant.

So many independent restaurant owners get into business because they have a passion for food, for service and they’ve had a dream of creating the perfect restaurant. For these owners, making money was the side benefit, just so long as they could fulfill their passion for food and interaction with customers.

David helps restaurant owners see that running a restaurant is actually about making money, not about winning a popularity contest or giving money to charity. But when it’s done right as a business, the dream can be accomplished as well.

You have to change your mindset to make the money you deserve. It’s a culture change.

Watch this video to learn why you have a responsibility to run a profitable restaurant.

Systems are easy, but adjusting your culture to support the success of those systems is the hard part. You have to take care of yourself FIRST. If you aren’t successful, you won’t be able to fulfill your role in the community and to your employees.

If you’re an independent restaurant owner, you have a responsibility to run a profitable business!

1) You have a responsibility to your customers, to whom you provide a product and service that fills a need in your community.
2) You have a responsibility to your employees to offer them gainful employment by which they feed their families.
3) You have a responsibility to you, your family and your investors to run a profitable restaurant, because that’s how you pay your bills, how you keep a roof over your head and create a strong financial future.

With this in mind, put systems in place that make your restaurant run smoothly and profitably. You need to make smart business decisions based on turning a profit.

This simple shift in thinking can put you on a path to restaurant success almost overnight. Is this how you see your business? Let’s make this post interesting and valuable to everyone. Please share with me how a shift in thinking propelled your business forward. Please take the time by posting your story in the comment section below. Inspire others with what you’ve learned.

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