How a Manager Checklist Makes Your Restaurant Better

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Leadership, SMART Systems

If you have problems getting your managers to do the routine things you want done – the way you want them done – then you need to create a manager checklist.

A manager checklist ensures all the little details get taken care of.

Watch this video to learn how a restaurant manager checklist will make your restaurant better.

A solid manager checklist must be:
1. Detailed
2. Specific
3. Clear
4. Flexible

Creating checklists sounds so simple, yet I can’t even begin to count how many restaurants don’t have them in place. And when checklists do get drafted, many restaurant owners are not explicit enough in what they want done or how they want it done.

Let me tell you the easy way to avoid this pitfall. Grab a pad of paper, stand outside your front door and start writing down EVERYTHING you see on a daily basis that needs to get done. Especially note the things that really get your blood boiling because they seem so obvious. Continue writing as you walk your restaurant.

Be precise in your expectations. For example, “Clean glass on front door every two hours, starting with opening shift.” Then list the times.

When your list is completed, task one of your managers to customize opening and closing checklists incorporating every item on your list for every position. Remember, you cannot be too specific.

Once you have completed this process you are halfway to curing your common sense-itis. Plus, your management team is happy. They’re happy they no longer have to read your mind or dread your inevitable freak out. With lists in hand, your management team is cool, calm and collected when they see you coming. They can say with confidence they didn’t miss anything if they followed the simple checklist.

Side Note: Your checklists are never finished. You will continue to add all of the new things that drive you crazy as they come up. Don’t be surprised if your checklists are two to six pages long. But also don’t be surprised at how well they work.

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