How to Gain an Edge in Food Service

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By Greg McGuirerestaurant owners can find help here

Information is key to success in the food service industry. Restaurant owners and managers must navigate a complex and competitive world on the path to success. Not everyone makes it, and for those that do, lessons learned the hard way are the most valuable thing they own.

Whether it’s sage advice from an old hand or updates on the latest trends, staying on top of what’s happening in food service can be difficult.

That’s precisely why Tundra Specialties, an industry leading restaurant supplies and equipment dealer based in Boulder, CO, launched a digital library of information called the Food Service Resource Center.

It’s an ambitious project to help food service professionals stay informed, and it’s different from media coverage because the Resource Center focuses on what works in food service. The result is a comprehensive collection of practical advice for all segments of the food service industry.

We’re also proud to have David Scott Peters as a contributor to the growing collection of useful articles available in the Food Service Resource Center. David’s articles offer pointed, actionable advice that any restaurateur can quickly put to use in their day-to-day operations. Look for David’s articles in the Restaurant Management category of the Resource Center.

The Food Service Resource Center addresses the most important issues facing the industry today:

  • Management. Tips, best practices, and trends in management are aimed at helping restaurateurs achieve better productivity while reducing turnover.
  • Marketing. Many restaurant budgets are stretched thin, and that’s why this section focuses on ways to effectively market your restaurant without the big media spend traditionally expected.
  • Equipment Buying Guides. Buying restaurant equipment and other food service products requires a working knowledge of the differences between the hundreds of options out there.
  • News & Trends. Staying up to date with the latest trends and biggest stories in food service is a lot easier when the most important issues are covered all in one place.

Get an edge on your competition and add some arrows to your quiver by visiting the Food Service Resource Center today!

Greg McGuire blogs about the food service industry at The Back Burner, which is written by the employees of Tundra Specialties, a company specializing in restaurant supplies and food service equipment.

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