Demystifying Restaurant Financial Statements – Part 2

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By David Scott Peters

Restaurant Tip of the Week

There are three basic tools/reports you need to understand when it comes to demystifying financial statements. They are the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement (P&L) and the general ledger. All of these tools are intimately connected; one cannot exist independently of the others.

The P&L

Let’s make an assumption that you take a picture of the business (a balance sheet) on the last day of each month. That picture has changed from one photo to the next. Things happened to make those pictures change; deliveries were accepted at the back door, customers came and purchased your products, people worked and were paid, and so on. A P&L is like a movie showing all of those things happening on a daily basis. Simply put, a P&L is a moving picture or movie that shows everything that went on in your restaurant between the times you took the photos.

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