5 Sure-Fire Success Stoppers

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By David Scott Peters

Don’t let them stop you!

My workshop, “How to Run a Profitable Restaurant: from Soup to Nuts,” is coming up March 21-24, 2011. Attendees at my workshop learn things they never knew they needed to know. And all of the things they learn help them improve their operations, their labor, their training, thereby increasing their profits. They’re all happy they attended. It’s a no-regrets workshop.

But so many independent restaurant owners find excuses not find ways to improve their operations. Following are 5 Sure-Fire Success Stoppers, also known as excuses! Recognize any as your own?

No. 1 “I don’t have the time.”
Just 4 days out of your entire career can save you years of trial and error… tens of thousands in expenses… and help you make more money than you ever dreamed possible. 4 days helps make you a restaurant systems master. Not attending only makes you 4 days older. You’re the boss… make the time!

No. 2 “I can’t afford it.”
Then you MUST attend! Enroll by Feb. 18 and take $1,000 off the tuition and pay your tuition in 3 easy installments. Plus, your tuition, travel, meals and hotel are fully tax deductible as a business expense!

No. 3 “It’s too far.”
It’s a quick trip from most anywhere in the U.S. Cheap flights abound. It takes 10 minutes to book a flight and 5 for the hotel (only $49/night). For all the effort you’ll put into your restaurant for the next 5, 10, 20 years, don’t you dare let some simple travel stop you!

No. 4 “I don’t like traveling alone.”
Then don’t! Bring a friend, spouse, or co-worker FREE—a $2,500 savings. Split the costs and
you’ll both save big.

No. 5 “What if I don’t like it?”
You’ll love it. Otherwise, I’ll give you ALL your tuition back… plus 50% of your documented travel costs.

Don’t excuse yourself out of success. Take action! Register today. (Save $1,000 on tuition cost if you register by Feb. 18.)

For more information about the workshop, click here. Have questions? Email me or call me at 877-457-6278.David Scott Peters

is a restaurant expert, coach, trainer and speaker, specializing in systems for independent restaurant owners. He is the nationally acclaimed restaurant coach whose unique “SMART Systems” approach to boosting profits has earned him the title of, “The man who can walk into any restaurant in America and find $10,000 in undiscovered cash before he hits the back door – Guaranteed!” Visit www.TheRestaurantExpert.com for more.

Please note that this post has been updated to reflect new workshop dates and discount expiration dates.

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