3 Parts of a Restaurant Owner’s Job

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Hey there, restaurant owner, I have a question for you. What is a restaurant owner’s job? What should a restaurant owner be working on?

I hope you don’t tell me:

  • Working the line
  • Prepping like a madman
  • Serving tables
  • Tending bar
  • Working the register
  • Taking inventory
  • Placing an order
  • Scheduling employees
  • Managing a shift

The list could go on, but you get the picture. I’m hoping you’re not working in your business. Rather, I hope you are working on your business.

Restaurant owners who work in the business are basically completing tasks and/or working positions that a line employee or manager would normally work. So when an owner is counting products and placing the food order, they are working in the business. When an owner works on the line in the kitchen as a fry cook to save money, they are working in the business. When a restaurant owner is the best host, server, food runner and server at the same time, not only are you working in the business, you are also an enabler of your staff, letting them do nothing.

If all of those examples are working in your business, and you are hearing me say I want you working on your business, what do I want you to be doing? What is a restaurant owner’s job?

Here are the three things that are part of a restaurant owner’s job:

When you understand this and change the restaurant owner’s job, you will have:

  • More time
  • A strong management team
  • Your life back
  • More money

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