Why You Need a Restaurant Training Program

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You know why your employees are always quitting? Or why you just can’t seem to get them to do the job the way you want it done?

Because you don’t have a restaurant training program. Why is a training program so important? Watch this video, and I’ll tell you why and the benefits to having one.

Each employee is only as good as the training they receive. Training your staff does not consist of having them follow around your most senior staff member to see how the job is done.

Each employee that joins your operation deserves an orientation into your restaurant, your expectations of them, what their job entails, how to do their job, and what they will be judged against when it comes evaluation time.

The best way to train employees is with an organized training program that includes an employee manual, job descriptions for each job, preparedness testing and a qualified trainer.

The trainer can be you or someone else from your team, but the trainer’s job is to make sure every new employee is fully trained and qualified before they hit the floor to interact with customers or make food for customers. Your business will thank you, and you’ll see an amazing drop in turnover.


Training your employees lowers your turnover. This then allows you to your labor cost because you aren’t spending so much money on training new people.

Trained employees also allow you to increase sales.

It pays off to put a great training program in place.

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