Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

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Do you wish you had higher sales in your restaurant? Would you like to learn ways to increase restaurant sales easily?

This video tip offers two ideas to increase restaurant sales.

The best way to increase your sales is to have your salespeople sell. Your salespeople? Yes! your servers are your salespeople. If you want to get the most sales possible in your restaurant, you have to train them to sell to your guests. They aren’t walking vending machines or order takers – they’re the people in your restaurant that have the biggest impact on your guests’ experience. And if you train them to upsell to guests to enhance their experience, it’s a win for all.

What’s the best way to motivate your servers to sell?

Server contests.

Watch the video above to learn some ideas for different server contests that increase sales in a restaurant.
1. Server Bingo – put the items on the bingo card that you want to sell and ask your servers to fill it up for prizes.
2. Floating $20 bill – pick something you want to sell, such as a special menu, and ask your servers to sell as many as possible for a chance to win the $20 bill and be the last one holding it.

Games are temporary, but they can be motivating and even have a long term impact on the attitudes of your servers, which leads to building restaurant sales. This change in attitude is also a positive change on your bottom line.

You always need to be bringing in more sales because once you pass the breakeven point in your restaurant, every penny is yours.

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