How to use Facebook Live to Promote your Restaurant this Holiday Season

 In 4. Jenny Brooks, Increase sales, Marketing, Public Relations

Facebook Live is a great tool for marketing your brand. Showing your customers what’s going on right now can incite the ever present FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and inspire intrigue. Not sure what to broadcast? The holiday season is a great time to start!

1. Christmas Decor

Capture your most cheerful staff decorating your restaurant; it will bring in customers who love the season!


2. Accents

At least a week after your decorating video, entice the aficionados with particular accent details. It’s the subtle points that will perpetuate on their Instagram accounts.


3. The Kitchen

Exhibit the heart and soul of your establishment at work! Special holiday dish? Flaunt it! Show the process, or just the final details.


4. Special Events

Do you hold a special Christmas craft night for the kids? Or an exclusive holiday happy hour? Broadcast it! Your customers will be rushing over, not wanting to miss out!


5. Contests

Whether you’re using Facebook Live or not, holiday contests are a great marketing tool for every establishment. Announcing it on Facebook Live is an excellent way to let people know you’re hosting one, as well as when you announce the winner!


6. Christmas Lights

Some families love to drive around the neighborhood just to look at the Christmas lights. If you have some on or around your restaurant, add a live video to Facebook so those families might consider finishing off their drive with you!


7. Holiday Cheer

It’s easy to lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays with the stress and crowded shopping malls. Display a welcoming presence by just featuring some of your most light-hearted staff fooling around and having some fun!


Showing live videos is one of the best ways to bring people into your restaurant during such a chaotic and high-stress period.  Whether it’s the urgency of an event, a contest ending, or just letting people know you have warm and smiling faces. It could be the one thing that makes them rush over after a long day at the mall.

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