Top 4 Ways to Use a Restaurant Manager Log

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Leadership, Restaurant Management

A restaurant manager log is a useful tool to improve communication in your restaurant and to better hold your management team accountable. The improved communication that results from the manager log gets everyone on the same page.

There are plenty of ways to misuse a manager log. To get the most out of your manager log, there are steps that should be followed.

  • Set up for success. Create any questions you want. Create sections you want tracked.
  • Keep it fresh. Change your questions from time to time, or even rearrange the order in which you ask them, to ensure the management team is reading the questions before they answer them.
  • Train! Train your management team as to what kind of details you want for each question. Don’t assume they will automatically meet your expectations. It’s not common sense, nor is there such a thing.
  • Be consistent. Look at it, read it, every day!

One of our primary Membership benefits is the use of our online restaurant management software, SMART Systems Pro. Built into SMART Systems Pro is a Manager Log. I can tell you this: when we do a software or hardware update and the manager log email does not get properly dispatched, my team can set their watches to how quickly our phones will ring with calls from owners to tell us it did not work properly last night, even though you can log into SMART Systems Pro to see the answer. Why? Because it’s so important to improved communication and accountability in every restaurant that uses it properly. It becomes addictive and our phones should ring because it’s a critical system.

So what are you waiting for? Take your manager log to the next level and reap its benefits today!


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