There’s more to Vermont than Skiing and Maple Syrup

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Operations

There’s more to Vermont than Skiing and Maple Syrup

Bet you’re wondering what I mean when I say “there’s more to Vermont than Skiing and Maple Syrup.”

Last week I took a trip to Vermont to work with Tracy Yandow of The Manual Solution. I arrived to a balmy 34 degrees Fahrenheit and not a flake of snow on the ground. By the time I left, there was three inches of snow on the ground and it was negative 9 degree wind chill. (Not to mention coming back with a cold that had me deemed “The Lump” by my wife Sue.)

I traveled to Vermont so that Tracy and I could layout what projects she and I will be working on next.

As most of you know, The Manual Solution and Smile Button Enterprises have partnered up to create the most incredible systems and solutions for the Independent Restaurant Owner.

(It’s funny to watch us. Tracy and I are two type “A” personalities with unlimited ideas and energy. Wait until you see what we’re creating for you.)

Take a look at what we have coming down the pike!

  1. Tracy and I are going to put together an Employee Manual that is not only complete, but easy to use. Once we get it put together, I am going to spend the money to have it reviewed and edited by an Employment Law Attorney. We are shooting to have this ready by the end of January 2007.
  2. We brought you FULL SERVICE Restaurant Position Manuals and Employee Training Templates just last month. The demand and response was great! Many of you said you would love to have a training system like that but you had a quick service, quick casual or pizzeria restaurant and FULL SERVICE would not fit your needs. We’ll due to the high demand, Tracy and I have moved QUICK SERVICE Restaurant Position Manuals and Employee Training Templates up the list and are shooting to have them ready by the end of February 2007.
  3. You asked for it, you’re going to get it! June 2007, the most in depth, complete, easy to implement and use…Management Training Program! For those of you who invested in FULL SERVICE know that there is nothing on the market even close to as good as that system. You think that was good. I’m telling you right now, the Management Training Program we have outlined will make that look elementary. This project really has us excited! Because this project is so important and detailed, it looks like you may have to wait until June 2007 for us to finish it to the level we want and we’ve set the bar pretty high.
  4. A great many of you who visit my Blog have attending my Restaurant SMART Systems Workshop or have invested in my Workshop In A Box system. Those of you know that it’s an intense four days and we cover an incredible amount of information and systems. The one place that really needs more time devoted to it is Human Resources and Training the Trainer. Tracy and I are currently looking to set a date in July 2007 to bring you a hands on HR and Training Seminar. With Tracy on board for this one, it’s sure to be great! We’ll keep you posted.
  5. I know what you’re thinking…”How could there be more!” The truth is there is…but I’m going to save that for another day. (But if you won’t tell anyone, I will share a little bite with you…the member site will very shortly be loaded with a flood of neighborhood marketing systems. PLUS…there might even be a Restaurant Marketing Seminar that will give you ready to use four-wall marketing ideas, a neighborhood marketing plan and [if I can talk Kamron Karington into it] a customized direct marketing plan. But Shhhh, it’s our secret.)

This is going to be the most incredible year.

I will continue to bring you solutions to make running your restaurant easier, make you more money, give you time off and help you bring the fun back into running your restaurant.

I can’t wait and hope you’re as excited as I am.

Remember to keep smiling,

David Scott Peters

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