Katrina Von MoosDirector of Operations

    Katrina Von Moos is the software development and support manager for RestaurantSystemsPro.net. She works closely with Members to support their use of Restaurant Systems Pro, the company’s restaurant management software. She uses her daily interactions with Members to support the ongoing enhancement of the software.

    Von Moos has been with RestaurantSystemsPro.net since 2011. She was familiar with RestaurantSystemsPro.net after using the company’s systems in restaurants she managed. When the opportunity came up to support the company directly, she enthusiastically raised her hand.

    She likes to tell the story that when David Scott Peters hired her to work with the software programmers, he said it didn’t matter that she did not know a lot about computers because she knew how to run a restaurant. Peters’ confidence in her came from her vast experience in restaurants. Prior to joining the company, Von Moos had worked every front-of-house position in restaurants, from server to general manager, over the course of 22 years.

    Since joining the company she’s become a master of the software and the development process. She prides herself on finding ways to improve the user experience for Members and in creating the best product Members can have to improve their operations and outcomes. She especially enjoys working with Members to help them use Restaurant Systems Pro to be profitable and successful.


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