Gregg SourbeckSolutions Coach

    Gregg Sourbeck is the solutions coach for He works with restaurant owners and managers who are looking for a way to combine the culinary arts with the business disciplines needed to run a more profitable independent restaurant.

    Sourbeck has been with since 2015. Prior to this he spent 17 years implementing food and beverage control systems in complex food service operations such as casinos, resorts and amusement parks. He also spent 14 years managing both independent and chain restaurants with experience in front-of-house and back-of-house operations.

    Restaurant definitely runs in Sourbeck’s blood. His mother was a bartender and his parents owned a bar in a small town in Michigan where he started working at age 14. He worked every position in a variety of restaurants making him uniquely qualified to coach and guide independent restaurant owners. He understands making people happy is what it’s all about, and he really enjoys helping restaurant owners see the good in their team so they can teach them to do the job well and expect them to be great. Coaching and guiding a young manager or chef to become the next successful business person in this industry is exciting.

    Sourbeck studied hospitality management at Michigan State University.


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