Start the New Year Off Right with Catering and Big Profits – Part 2

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By Sandy Korem

Last week, in “Start the New Year Off Right with Catering and Big Profits – Part 1,” we talked about maximizing your catering program selling boxed lunches. This week we will discuss the concept of drop off and/or set-up catering:

Drop off and/or set-up
This catering is really good for your cost of goods sold because you can cater what you know the best and what you are already producing in your restaurant. Generally this is food like lasagna, chicken, spaghetti, etc. For more ideas, go to: click “Menus” and then click “Corporate Menus.”

Some equipment is required. Clients usually want plates, forks, etc., so charge for it. Hot food also requires chafing dishes. Drop some of yours off or you can use the disposable wire ones.

Knowledgeable staff is critical. They will be asked lots of questions about the food, especially if they set it up. Leave the client detailed serving instructions.

Be prepared. So you don’t forget a critical item, have a checklist and have back-up items in the delivery van.

Profits. I guarantee, you can charge more for this food than if it was served in your restaurant. If you can provide quality food that is hot on arrival, charge the client for it and make some money. That is the key to off-site catering. The client is calling you for food but they are also calling you for CONVENIENCE – so charge for it!

Visit again next week for the final installment in this series, “Start the New Year Off Right with Catering and Big Profits – Part 3” where I will provide information on initiating a Full-service catering program in your business.

Sandy Korem, is the CEO and founder of one of the Top 20 Catering Companies in America, The Festive Kitchen, based out of Dallas, Texas. She was awarded the White House Food Service Medallion in 2008 for outstanding food service to President George W. Bush. Her company,, helps restaurateurs take their off-site catering revenue stream to a different level. Korem uses her 20-plus years of catering expertise to offer insight into how to price catered events, the importance of testing and testing again, and how to train your staff so that you don¹don’t have to be at every event. Plus, learn why “charge for it” will become your company’s catering mantra!

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