Restaurant Workshop Teaches Restaurant Owners How to Transform Their Restaurant

 In 1. David Scott Peters, workshop

A large group joined us for this one-day restaurant workshop and left with the knowledge, skills and resources needed to transform their restaurant.

On August 27, 2016 Darren Denington, founder of Service with Style Hospitality Group, and David Scott Peters presented a jam-packed restaurant workshop teaching how to drive sales in your restaurant by using the right systems, strong leadership and the perfect hospitality team. Over 20,000 restaurant professionals already served!

Attendees Learned

Fool-proof systems for reducing your food cost and making you more money
The understanding of the root of great service and how to apply it
How to cost out your recipes so that you make money on every menu item
What to do to ensure you use your labor dollars in the right department at the right time
Tips to understanding & lowering employee turnover
The hospitality leadership traits required to run a successful operation
How to begin to make more money with the menu you currently have
And much more that you can apply to your business IMMEDIATELY !

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