Why Restaurant Manager Logs Are So Important

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There is one simple tool that can have a great impact on your business. It’s so simple, that sometimes people take it for granted or don’t even use it: restaurant manager logs.

While restaurant manager logs have taken on several different forms over the years  – from spiral notebooks to software like our SMART Systems Pro –  it’s just as important today as it was in the past. In fact, I might even say it’s more important today.

So why is are restaurant manager logs so important? They’re a useful tool to improve communication in your restaurant and to better hold your management team accountable. What does that all mean? The improved communication angle of the manager log is all about getting everyone on the same page.

If there was an employee issue, every manager is up to date so that the next time something with that employee happens, they don’t get a pass because the other managers had no idea. Without a manager log, in this case, every manager thinks it’s the employee’s first offense.

If there is a critical repair, like the ladies room toilets are ALL backing up, the next manager who opens the store knows to call the plumber.

If there is a new policy or procedure, all the managers can be brought up to date by reading the manager log, even if they were off for days and were offline.

But when it comes to communication, restaurant manager logs encourage everyone on the team to pay attention and be aware of what’s important to you, the owner! You set up your restaurant manager logs to ask the questions that are important to you. If you want to know sales by meal period, covers by shift, labor numbers, etc., you can.

Proper use of restaurant manager logs not only fosters improved communication, it changes your management culture; you no longer have to chase down your managers for information. They will know exactly what is important and will always provide you that information on a daily basis. This is huge!

Now, when it comes to accountability, it falls into my favorite benefit of what systems bring to a management team. Your managers are trained to the system, which in this case is the proper use of the manager log. They show you they understand how to use the system and then you have a system that can be checked to be sure it was used and is accurate by all managers on a shift-by-shift and daily basis. It’s now a black and white expectation.

If restaurant manager logs are not filled out or correct, it’s an opportunity to coach. It’s your job to reteach it and the importance of it. It’s your job to hold management accountable to this simple yet powerful system. It’s your job to hold everyone accountable to the same standard. There is no conflict because they were trained and coached, and you were clear on the expectations. If it’s not done, they know they did badly.

For these reasons, restaurant manager logs in your restaurant are important and extremely useful.

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