Restaurant Labor Systems Seminar

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By David Scott Peters

TakeActionBannerI hope you can join me and my team on July 8 for a one-day seminar devoted to labor systems. The focus is decreasing your prime cost by tackling the second half of the prime cost equation: Labor.

Restaurant Success Seminar Series
Controlling the Most Important Number in Your Restaurant…
Prime Cost
July 8
Phoenix, Arizona

Prime cost is the combination of your total cost of goods sold and your labor cost. This prime cost seminar will focus on the systems you need to have in place to lower your restaurant’s total labor cost.

What You Will Learn

Here is a sample of some of the strategies and systems we’ll cover to help you get control over your restaurant’s prime cost.

Budget Labor: Put the labor allotment system in place to see an immediate reduction in labor cost. Giving managers a target for makes them more successful and your restaurant more profitable.

Tracking: Tracking labor on a daily basis enables management to make small changes on a daily basis to stay on budget and to keep the entire week’s labor in line with budget.

These are just a couple of the systems we’ll cover during this one-day seminar.

To learn more about this one-day learning opportunity, please visit our Take Action page.

David Scott Peters is a restaurant expert, speaker, coach and trainer for independent restaurant owners. He is the developer of SMART Systems Pro, an online restaurant management software program helping the independent restaurant owner remain competitive and profitable in an industry boxed in by the big chain restaurants. He is best known as the SMART Systems guy who can walk into any restaurant and find $10,000 in undiscovered cash before he hits the back door… Guaranteed! Learn more at

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