Recipe Costing Software Cuts Food Cost

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I can say recipe costing software cuts food cost, but first you have to agree that recipe costing cards are important. Why are they important? Why do you need to have them? Especially when your chef seems to have it handled and generally knows what the costs are, why are they so important? Watch this video learn what recipe costing cards can do for you and how recipe costing software can help you lower food cost.

Most restaurant owners tell me they generally know their costs and don’t think they need recipe costing cards. But I’ll tell you what I tell them: If you generally know, you generally aren’t making any money. The restaurant industry is the only industry in which people eyeball a plate of their product and then take a wild guess what the cost on it should be. Do you think a tire store owner eyeballs a stack of tires and takes a wild guess what the cost on them should be? NOPE!

You MUST know, if you want to have any chance of making any money. Recipe costing cards are THE most important system to use in your restaurant. If you don’t know what every recipe costs, you are throwing your profitability to dumb ass luck!

If you don’t know what it costs, how do you expect to make any money?

Recipe costing cards show you what your menu items cost to make. Use them. Want to make it easier? Build your recipe costing cards in a recipe costing software program like Restaurant Systems Pro. Make them easy to create, easy to change and update and easy to impact your food cost. Plus, you’ll have flexibility in your food cost targets.

The first time you create your recipe costing cards, you can lower your food cost by 3-7 points. Usually recipe costing cards take a lot of time. That’s why recipe costing software is such a worthwhile tool – it drastically reduces the amount of time it takes to create them. Plus, when you need to update your cards, you put it in the recipe costing software once, and VOILA! All your recipes are updated.

If you want to learn more lowering your food cost with recipe costing cards, read our free special report, Breaking Away from the Insanity: How to easily take control of your restaurant and make more money. Download it here. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for more helpful restaurant business management video tips. To learn how our software serves as the recipe costing software you need,  call Gregg at 877-457-6278, ext. 106. 

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