Positive Attitude Improves Restaurant Success

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Let’s face it, in the restaurant industry, mistakes are going to happen. How you deal and learn from these mistakes and mishaps separates good restaurant owners from the bad. We all need to constantly remind ourselves that the past is the past. Putting our focus and attention on things we have the ability to change is a way better use of our time, energy and money. Adopting a positive attitude improves restaurant success.

Eliminate your “brain trash.”

It sounds so simple on paper, but is so difficult in real life, mainly because of all the other things that get in our way as operators. One huge thing that clouds the simplicity is the “brain trash” of our past. Don’t get me wrong, experiencing the highs and lows of this type of business is very important, but I’m talking about the things like, “Oh well, I tried showing a manager how to do the schedules two years ago and they sucked at it, so I just have to do them myself.”

Restaurant owners adopt this attitude that it’s easier to just do things themselves. They don’t realize they are trapping themselves into doing that task all the time because of a lack of a positive attitude. By repeatedly remembering the time they tried something, like training someone to do something, and it failed, they could be missing a potential all-star manager on staff that could have been easily trained to accomplish the task.

The key to this business is really quite simple.

It’s doing the same damn thing over and over every single day. Look at the example of the schedules. With proper systems that establish consistency, that task can be delegated. If the manager that failed at the task had been given the projected sales for the next week, amount of dollars and hours to budget with, employee ratings, employee availability, and how many staff members are needed for each shift, the failure could have been easily converted to a success. But only if the situation was created by an owner that was focused on future change and not the past.

Positive attitudes are key to success.

Adopting a positive attitude improves restaurant success. A positive attitude can’t be delegated. The owner has to set the tone, look forward and look for the positive. The staff will follow your lead.

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