One Simple Restaurant System to Make Managing People Easier

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There is one simple system that will make managing people easier. If you’re frustrated with your employees. If you think you’re surrounded by idiots. If you tell them over and over again to do something and how to do it, and they still never get it right, your frustration is heard. I have a system for you!

In this video I discuss one simple system to make managing people easier and to make it so that employees do what you want them to do the way you want it done.

Now, if you find yourself asking which idiot made the mistake, stop and take a minute to think about it. They might seem like idiots, but let’s talk about that. You hired them. You trained them. Their mistakes are a reflection on you and your managers. It may seem harsh, but it’s up to you to teach them what you want done and how you want it done. The way to do this is with checklists.

Why are checklists important?

They remove an expectation of common sense
They establish the details of what matters to you
They give employees rules – and they LOVE rules (they HATE inconsistency in enforcing rules and standards)
They create a close-to-open culture where every shift finishes clean and stocked for the next shift.

Checklists are critical and a system you can establish with input from managers and employees.

If you’ve used checklists before and don’t think they work, give this video a listen. I answer how to use checklists effectively.

To learn more about the importance checklists,  read our special reportBreaking Away from the Insanity: How to easily take control of your restaurant and make more money. Download it here

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