One Incredible Week

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Of Interest

This has been one incredible week!

This week has me realizing why systems are so important in your business. Last Saturday my wife had a garage sale. My daughter 3 year old daughter Brooke just figured out how to ride her bike…and seemed to never want to come off. My 5 year old son Tyler thought that was pretty cool and wanted to show his little sister how fast he could ride.

Well, sometime during this fun and play, Tyler ditches his bike and lands on the end of one of his handle bars. The next things you know a few hours later my wife Susan and I are in a pediatric emergency room. It’s really difficult to watch such a young child in so much pain.

It didn’t stop there…we were transferred to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, where we spent the night pacing the floors in the ICU.

Long story short, he bruised his upper bowels and they were worried that it would form a hole and Tyler would have had to go into surgery.

Fortunately for Tyler and us, he was able to come home a few days later.

What does this have to do with you and running your restaurant? A lot!

Could you have left your restaurant for three days? I mean you would have had no choice. You have to have systems in place so that your restaurant runs without you. You need to be able to have the freedom to know that your business is not dependent on you. Rather your restaurants success is dependent on your systems.

So do me a favor…tell you family how much you love them, cherish every moment you have with them and then take action Monday morning by looking at what systems you need to put into place to make your restaurant operation run without you.

Remember to keep smiling!

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