I’m really excited about this…

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I’m really excited about this…

As many of you know I’ve been working hard to bring you great systems, tools and information to help you get everything out of running your restaurant, from profits to time off. And for many of you, the only way you could really find these systems was to see me speak at a Boot Camp or Workshop. That is until now!

I am really excited about this! Many months of development time and a whole lot of clams later…www.smilebutton.com has been re-launched, NEW and IMPROVED!

Below is a Press Release that will be going out tomorrow that lays out what you will be able to finally find when you visit.



PHOENIX, Sept. 8, 2006 — Restaurant expert David Scott Peters has launched a new Web site, www.smilebutton.com, to provide independent restaurant owners with more profit-making tools, tips for improving systems and access to products online.

Peters, a coach and trainer for independent restaurant owners, developed the new site to fulfill current customers’ requests, as well as to take advantage of the new developments in technology.

In addition to new content, a new design and new tools, the Web site now includes a Web store. Previously customers were not able to purchase Peters’ products online, but with the new Web store, customers can find Peters’ trademark training materials and software. Products currently available online include the Break Even Point Software, the Cost of Goods Sold: Complete Training Program and Running a Restaurant: Management Training Pack.

The Web site also includes special promotions on some of Peters’ products such as the new offer for a three-month subscription to the SMART Systems Insider for only $3 and Workshop in a Box at a 40 percent discount. And for all those restaurant owners that want to test Peters’ knowledge before buying, he is offering a free report titled Stop the Struggle: How to Make Your Restaurant Fun & Profitable Again.

To get a feel for the kinds of expertise Peters offers, the site also includes case studies and testimonials featuring customers who have found turn-around success working with Peters. There is a password-protected member area, access to Peters’ weekly blog and a set of frequently asked questions for those interested in learning more about what a restaurant coach does.

And for all of those wondering what the story is behind Peters’ business name — Smile Button Enterprises — he has included some information about his connection to the famous yellow smiley face button created in 1964.

To find out more about David Scott Peters and what he offers to independent restaurant owners, or to simply check out the new Web site, visit www.smilebutton.com.

About David Scott Peters
David Scott Peters is the founder of Smile Button Enterprises, LLC, an independent restaurant coaching and training company, and is known as the SMART Systems guy who can walk into any restaurant in the United Stated and find you $10,000 in undiscovered cash before he hits the back door… Guaranteed. For more information about David Scott Peters, please visit www.smilebutton.com.


Remember to keep smiling,

David Scott Peters

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