I Love Top Chef!

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I Love Top Chef!

I’ve jut got to tell you that I don’t get into reality TV too much, but I love Top Chef.

While I’m not a Foodie, and my Elite Members will attest to that, I really like watching that show. I don’t get much time to actually waste time watching TV, so I’m grateful for our Digital Video Recorder.

Last night I just needed a break (I’m sure you can empathize with me on that one). So Sue and I watch the first two episodes of Bravo’s Top Chef of the new season and it reminded me why I like the show last season.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, you really should. You can learn more about it here – http://www.bravotv.com/Top_Chef_2/index.shtml.

The premise of the show is that it takes 16 up and coming Chef types who will compete over 12 major cooking challenges and at least 12 what they call rapid fire challenges.

Why I love the show is that you get to see Chef’s problem solve, be incredibly creative and show what it takes to be great. You quickly identify the whiners, the leaders, the team players and who has the combination of passion and skills to go far in the competition.

Last season’s winner Harold had the total package. He could work well with others and as a part of the team. He was always respectful of others and was willing to teach. Harold was a great leader and did so never loosing his cool or raising his voice. And on top of that…he has skills.

While from an operations point of view, I would love to see more competitions that involve running a profitable restaurant, I still love this show.

I think that this show should be required viewing for all restaurant owners and managers. Watching the personalities clashing and group triumphs are a great way for you to reflect on the dynamic of your restaurant. And if you determine that their behavior looks ridiculous on TV…imaging how it looks in your operation.

Remember to keep smiling,

David Scott Peters

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