How to Have Enough Managers to Run Your Restaurant

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You need managers to help you run your restaurant, but how many are enough managers to run your restaurant?

Watch this video to learn How to Have Enough Managers to Run Your Restaurant.

You want to make sure you have enough people to manage all the different responsibilities of your restaurant for each shift, but also that you can afford them.

Before you can really do anything, you have to have a budget. View David’s other videos to learn about the importance of a budget and what to do with one.

The right number of managers for your restaurant is the number that ensures your guests have the best possible experience and that your employees have the tools to make the experience possible.

First, you have to figure out how many shifts you need covered. Then you have to figure out how to fill those shifts. All of this information is covered in the video above.

Let’s say you have 16 shifts you need to cover and you have three full-time front-of-house managers, each working five shifts per week. That gives you 15 shifts. Then you have a manager in training (MIT) to work your slowest shift of the week working as a supervisor, learning how to do everything they will do as a manager. That’s 16 shifts.

But could you have more managers in training and fewer managers? Yes!

David explains it all in the video. Be sure to watch to get the full idea of how to have enough managers to run your restaurant – no matter where you are in your budget.

With the right formula, you can have a manager on duty for every single shift.

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