Dont Let Your Now Become Your Future

 In 5. Fred Langley

Whatever your circumstances are, you and you alone are responsible for changing them. You’re not a victim. Solutions exist: read, attend seminars, diet, implement systems. Know that change will not happen until you commit to making it happen. Sometimes it just takes getting plain angry at your circumstances.

Whether it is struggling with bills, average or bad employees, your health, your relationships, your organizational skills or anything that is keeping you from living your best life, your best future is out there, but you must set out to find it. No matter how long it takes, it is worth it because time will pass no matter what. You might as well end up where you want to be.

Do not be the farmer that doesn’t believe the corn will grow so he doesn’t plant corn. The farmer that believes it will grow will plant the corn, water the corn, fertilize the corn, keep weeds and pests away and has a little faith that God will provide rain and sunshine. There is an inherent cause and effect, but you will never enter into that cause and effect unless you believe it is going to happen.

Growing the corn is like implementing systems and keeping them going. It’s hard work. Implementing systems will change your world. If you truly believe it will not work, you will not try it because doing nothing about your situation is easier in the short term. But you must have hope!

Do not participate in a pity party with yourself or anyone else about your situation. You will not be held back by the President, where you live or any other circumstance. All of your experiences have worked for the good to bring you to the point that you are today and, good or bad, your determination will change your future. Your life is not a snapshot; it is a film. You are not stuck in any moment in time; your story’s ending is still a work in progress.

I don’t know where you are in your story today, but whether you want to improve your situation or make a bad one a good one, you cannot move forward until you get so fed up that you draw a line in the sand and commit to changing your future. It could be health goals, financial goals or something else. Get fed up and change your tomorrow because tomorrow will arrive no matter what you do. Start small but start.

And remember everyone is in a different spot. Be proud of the progress you make and the results you achieve. And when you are struggling, believe and have hope!

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