Cycle of Trust – A Great Restaurant Training Tool

 In 1. David Scott Peters, Employees, Of Interest, Operations

I just completed a fantastic Expert Interview today!

I had the pleasure of talking with one of my Elite Members, Deirdre Pain. She is the owner operator of two incredible Thai restaurants here in the Phoenix area. One since 1987 and the second opened in 2002.

Before she entered the independent restaurant world, she was a social worker for 20 years working with abused children and child welfare.

It was a great interview. She shared how to use a tool from her social work days in the restaurant business and how it is an incredible training tool for fantastic customer service. She shared with me and my members the Cycle of Trust / Cycle of Rage…

So for my members, be on the look out for this CD in the mail. It should go out in the next few days.

If you’re not a member…what are you waiting for? It’s often the insights from members, industry experts and me that really make membership a must. Heck, last month Elite Member John McNulty really gave brilliant insight on how important it is for restaurant owners to have systems in place to make sure nothing in your business gets missed.

I don’t have next month lined up yet, but I do have a tentative commitment to have Jim Laube of talk about management training a new template he and Joe Erickson created. I’m looking forward to getting that one scheduled!

Remember to keep smiling.

PS – It’s never too late to give my Insider Circle Membership a try…and it’s only a buck.

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