A Restaurant Owner’s Job Is Growing the Business

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Your job as the restaurant owner is to work on growing your restaurant. Whether that’s sales, new revenue streams or additional locations. If no one is focused on growth, it’s not going to happen.

In this post I reviewed why a restaurant owner must work on their business rather than in it, outlining three parts of a restaurant owner’s job. They are:

Growing your restaurant

When it comes to growing sales, there are three — and only three — ways to grow your sales.

  1. Get new customers to walk in your door. (This is the most expensive form of marketing.)
  2. Get your customers to come back more often.
  3. Get your customers to spend more each time they visit.

You want to grow your restaurant sales using all three of these ways, but you need to do it in a cost effective and systematic manner. Otherwise you are going to be throwing money away.

To make this systematic, you need to follow the advice of a good friend of mine and restaurant authority on growing sales, Darren Denington of Service with Style. He advises restaurant owners to create a marketing calendar with the whole year planned out. Not only what you plan, but have any and all marketing pieces ready to go, so that when you go to execute, all of the hard work has already been done.

In addition to your marketing calendar, make sure you have systems that ensure you are doing Restaurant 101 right:

  • Hot food is hot and cold food is cold.
  • You operate in a clean safe environment for both your guests and employees.
  • You are delivering WOW customer service and incredible food.

That’s not only your job in the hospitality business, but it’s the number one way to increase your sales. Happy guests come back again and again.

Read more about the other two parts of a restaurant owner’s job:

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