5 Ways to Find Good Restaurant Employees

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Do you want to how to find good restaurant employees in today’s low unemployment environment? Are you struggling to find employees? Are you struggling to get employees to stay? Watch this video to learn how to find good restaurant employees no matter what the unemployment rate!

Right now there is a very real struggle in restaurants to find good employees. It’s a common issue, but right now it is especially sharp because of the low unemployment rate in the US. It’s sitting at about 4.3% right now and makes it harder to find and retain employees.

Watch the video for tips on finding qualified employees who are a good fit for your restaurant and your restaurant’s culture.

Here are five ways to find good employees for your restaurant.

First, I want to point you to job listing sites that go the extra mile. I have had fantastic results in working with ClearFit. This service incorporates a profile to the job description and has applicants take a personality test to ensure everyone is good fit for each.

Second, when you’re looking for restaurant managers, Indeed.com is a great source.

Third, line employees are found on snapajob.com.

Fourth, even with these recommendations, there is no iron clad way to ensure you can find good employees for your restaurant. Get back to basics. Ask the people who come into your restaurant like your liquor distributors and food distributors and other restaurant vendors.

Fifth, and lastly, build up an employee referral program.

In today’s low unemployment environment, you always have to be looking, so be sure to always be collecting applications.

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