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What is the best restaurant software solution? Why do you need restaurant management software? How do you choose the best software for your restaurant? Do you need multiple restaurant software tools? Is there a software that works for independent restaurant owners and doesn’t cost chain dollars? So many questions! Watch this video for a comprehensive explanation for the best restaurant software solution that is essential to cutting and controlling costs in your independent restaurant.

I used to live by spreadsheets. I could create spreadsheets for every measurement. But it started to get to a point where I was getting overwhelmed by the number of spreadsheets I had and trying to keep up with the updating of the spreadsheets. Also, it was really hard to keep track of the spreadsheets – Chef saved it on her computer, and I couldn’t get to it. The GM had it on his computer, and I couldn’t get to it.

Worse than having multiple versions on different computers, I had managers manipulating formulas – on accident and on purpose – making it so that I was reviewing bad numbers and didn’t even know it.

It became a nightmare and that’s when software became the obvious solution.

The first software you must have is point of sale system – a POS system. It is the most important piece of equipment you will buy for your restaurant. It is NOT the most expensive cash register you’ll every buy. It also generates extremely important reports and is full of data that you can use to run your business and make more money.

After your POS system, you need back office software. The best restaurant software solution will cover you for scheduling, manager log, ordering, inventory and many other needs. When it comes to selecting the best restaurant management software for you and your restaurant’s needs, you have to ask yourself what do you want to achieve.

There are many restaurant software systems out there that handle restaurant components separately – scheduling for instance. You and your employees can use a scheduling software, but that’s all it’s going to cover. Or what inventory? You could use an inventory software – it might even tie in with your POS system software. But again, all it’s going to handle is counting your inventory. You’re going to be entering data into all different programs, just like when you are using spreadsheets.

Rather than look for individual restaurant management software programs that solve individual challenges, you are better served by a complete restaurant management software program. You need an all-in-one system. If I were you, the best restaurant software solution includes a daily manager log to know exactly what’s happening in the restaurant from sales to employee issues. You also want cash controls and that every penny is making it to the bank. Do you balance? This information contributes to your inventory and food/beverage cost management.

To learn why SMART Systems Pro, our online restaurant management program, is the all-in-one solution that will make running your restaurant more fun and more profitable, schedule a free consultation with our Solutions Coach.

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